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Best 9Gag Clone Script

Fix Facebook Video Thumbnail issue

Dear all; After the new upgrades in Facebook Open Graph some old features got limited. Collecting Facebook video thumbnail now require some additional steps to be done. We are now publishing a fast fix until we collect all problems in the current version and post all these patches in addition to the new features in […]

Fix Facebook login All Version

Dear customers; We have recently received many issues related to Facebook login. After research we found that sometimes Facebook denies access using file_get_contents() php function. To resolve this issue in your website, please follow these 2 steps. 1- In /inc/functions/additional.php Find: ?> Add before it: function file_get_contents_curl($url) { $ch = curl_init(); curl_setopt($ch, CURLOPT_AUTOREFERER, TRUE); curl_setopt($ch, […]

Mobile Module v29.3 is released.

Dear customers; We have released a new upgrade to the Mobile Module. The new upgrade contains new “contact form” page. In the old versions we depended on mailing URL for sending feedbacks from Mobile Module site and kept the contact form for the Desktop version only. Currently we have added independent contact form page for […]

New 9Gag TV Module Update v29.1

Dear customers; After the release of our 9Gag TV Module, there were many suggestions and great ideas sent to us for improving the module. We have been studying them and implementing whatever we see will be helpful to our customers. We have released new version of 9Gag TV Module v29.1 which contains some bugs fixes, […]

New 9Gag TV Module is released!

Dear customers; We are happy to announce the release of new module: TV Module. The new TV Module is our 15th official module that are created to help you customize your website, give you more features and increase your ability to maintain your website content in a way that your users like. In Best 9Gag […]

Bulk Upload v29.2 & Galleries v29.2

Dear customers; In order to fix compatibility issues, both Bulk Upload and Galleries Addons are updated to work with new version Best 9Gag Clone Script v29.2. The upgrade files are available in clients area. If you have active license, you’ll find them under the “Extras” tab. Best Regards PHPism Team

Best 9Gag Clone Script v29.2 & Mobile Module v29.2 are released.

Dear Customers; We are happy to announce the new release of Best 9Gag Clone Script v29.2 and Mobile Module v29.2. The release contains fixes to 3 bugs appeared in v29.0.0 1- Stability issue with “Truncating Long Posts” feature. 2- Stability issue with “Infinite Scrolling” feature. 3- Stability issue with “GIF Resizing” while uploading new post. […]

Meme Maker v29.1 is released

Dear Customers; We are writing this short post to announce the release of new small update for Meme Maker. The release contains fixes to issues with copying URLs which sometimes doesn’t work and sometimes works after the second time. That issue is a history now. Another good news is that we are going to release […]

Website new designs & Addons Demos Upgrades

Dear Customers; 1- We have been using the same website design for 3 year. It became a little out-of-date and needs new touch. Since we are going to release new functions and some more products and great deals, we thought that we need a better website to display the information first. Yesterday, we have upgraded […]

Mobile Module v29.1 Upgrade

Dear customers; We have updated our Mobile Module to v29.1. The new version have some minor CSS changes to fix broken CSS rules in some mobile browsers in addition to 2 new features coming from the desktop version. New Features: 1- Top Posts: Daily – Weekly – Monthly – All the time. You can see […]

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