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Best 9Gag Clone Script

Mobile Module v10 is coming soon.

Dear customers; We are writing to you to announce that our new Mobile Module is 100% finished. It’s currently being tested on our private servers and will officially be uploaded on our demo in the next 24 – 48 hours. It shall be available in clients area once it’s life in our demo. There are […]

Download Best 9Gag Clone Script v6.3.2

Dear Customers; We have published a new update to v6.x version. The new update have a fix to login issue with Google+. If you have active license, you can download v6.3.2 from clients area. We are also announcing a new generation: v7.x. The new generation is coming within the next 48 hours. The new version […]

Best 9Gag Clone Script v6.3.1 & Mobile Module v5.3

Dear customers; We have uploaded in clients area a new update to both main script and Mobile Module. That new update contains fix to a security problem with users table. Please download and follow the instructions from clients area. Best Regards PHPism Team

Important news about January 2014

Dear Customers; We have 2 announcements to make. We are pretty excited to reach the end of this month to give that announcement. We are very happy with the success of our current B9GCS v6. We are so happy that B9GCS v6 have made the highest sales month since our start in February 2012 :D. […]

Best 9Gag Clone Script v6.3 is now available for download.

Dear customers; We are happy to announce a new release to our Best 9Gag Clone Script. It’s v6.3.0. The new version have some fixes to issues with the GIFs and compatibility issues between JSON loading and Normal Pagination. Clients with active license can now download the new version from clients area. We also want to […]

Trophies is updated to v6 & New Best 9Gag Clone Script v6.2.0 is available for download

Dear Customers; We are so happy to announce the final release of Trophies and Levels Addon that’s compatible with v6. We found some bugs in the old version that encouraged us to work hard on that addon. That addon especially wasn’t just updated to work with v6, but it’s code was also optimized to work […]

Best 9Gag Clone Script v6.1.2 is now available for download.

Dear Customers; We are happy to announce the new v6.1.2 of Best 9Gag Clone Script. The new version contains many bugs fixed of the old v6.0.x generation. There are more features like enabling capatcha for signups and more social connections within the pages. There was some fixes to the ajax loading functions plus adding better […]

Follow System & Internal Comments & Private Messages are now updated for v6

Dear Customers; We are happy to announce that finally almost all of our old modules are now updated. We announced earlier that Bulk Upload – Vote For Visitors – Mobile Module were updated to be compatible with v6. Now we announce that 3 more modules are now updated to work with v6 without any issues. […]

Bulk Upload & Vote For Visitors are now updated for v6.

Dear customers; We are glad to announce that 2 more of our modules are now updated to be compatible with v6. Bulk Upload & Vote For Visitors are now updated and you can download them from clients area. We are now updating the rest of the modules. We are happy to listen to your suggestions, […]

Mobile Module is updated to work with Best 9Gag Clone Script v6

Dear customers; We began updating our modules to work with the new v6 of Best 9Gag Clone Script. The module to be updated, is our best seller (Mobile Module). If you have active license to download updates for the mobile module, then you can download it from clients area. You can try it here : […]

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