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Best 9Gag Clone Script v21 + Mobile Module v21 + Meme Maker Module v21 are released.

Our dear customers;
We would like to thank all our loyal customers for their ideas and suggestions. Now Best 9Gag Clone Script v21 + Mobile Module v21 + Meme Maker Module v21 are released and available to download from clients area.
In order not to waste your time with more talk, we’ll proceed with new features and changes in the new version.
A- Improvements for current features in v20: Actually there’s almost none of the old featured are changed. The v20 was running so smoothly and didn’t have any bugs. However, we just updated a couple of functions to allow them run faster and easier to be customized or developed for users.

B- New Features.
1- Offline Mode: In case you want to do any maintenance or was to lock your website to visitors. Now you can set your website to “Offline Mode” from your Administrator Panel. You can enable/disable the feature and you can set “Offline Mode Message” that will appear to your users until you put the website back online.
2- Photos in comments: Many users have requested this feature from us. Now it’s available for free. The script will automatically check URLs in the comment. If any valid image is detected, the code will be displayed as img tag and not hyperlink tag.
3- Multiple Categories: Now you can select up to 2 categories with your new posts. That’s new feature in and now it’s introduced in our script.
4- https & http protocols full support: In older versions, we support both of these protocols. However, there was a restriction that you can use only 1 of them, and not both at the same time. Now the script is upgraded to allow your users to select the protocol that suits them the most. They can use http or https without breaking your site or CSS and without any changes from your side.
5- CDN Support (MaxCDN): Now you can integrate your MaxCDN or any other network CDN account with the script right from Administrator Panel and without any file edition.

Important Note:
The new version https and http protocols full support feature, requires special configuration. Current working license keys won’t work in version 21. You’ll need to request these keys first from clients area. We mentioned that because the new update and license keys will cause frenzy in support system, so please request your compatible license key before initiating the upgrade in order not to lose anytime while waiting for the license key.

These are few notes regarding the new version. The version is available for download now from clients area and it’s applied to our demo. In case you found any bugs or have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us using either email: or from our support portal here:

Wish all of you the best in life and the best of luck with your websites.
Have a nice day.
Best Regards
PHPism Team.

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