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Dear Customers;
At beginning we would like to send our regards to all of you. Your suggestions and ideas helped us a lot in developing our script which we hope that you are enjoying using it.
It has been a great pleasure working with you over the last successful 30 months. That work that now is crowned with our new diamond version 11.
Thanks God, Our previous version 10 didn’t have any bugs reports over the last 6 weeks. However, we have received some suggestions for new features and while the development for new addons and customizations requests we discovered better ways to improve the script performance, simplify both customizations and addons installations.
I will now start with explaining some of the new features:-
1- Tags returned. In a very nice way. The script automatically detect each tag and add automatically a URL link for searching about it.
2- New Index page change between (Hot / Trending / Vote) pages with any redirecting. Some customers reported issues with Google because of the old settings technique. We are glad to announce that is fully resolved now.
3- After introducing multi-themes support a few months ago. It was a real pain to have 3 – 4 themes and with every update or every addon installation, you need to modify all the templates in all themes. That’s going to a memory now. All you need is to edit the default templates and if you have customized template in your new design, only in that case you’ll need to modify it too.
4- Guests can be allowed or blocked from viewing “Vote” page again. That was old feature, returned again.
5- Reddit Sharing Options in Single Post page or in Main Pages.
These 5 features are only the simple new features. Now we are bringing the big guns 😀
6- Facebook Video Sharing: It finally arrived. The most demanded video network for the last couple of months.
7- Profile Cover Photo: Many customers were dying for that feature. Now it’s available and it looks pretty cool.
8- Media File for all posts: That will help you import all your external videos thumbnails into your own server.
9- Advanced Watermarking system: Now you can so simply change the watermark position in both vertical (Top – Center – Bottom) or horizontal (Left – Center – Right) with few clicks from administrator panel.
Do you that was only it?? Actually we do have a big surprise for you.
10- The Maintenance System: In this section of the script you’ll be able to fix/accelerate your website and delete unnecessary data. You can find and delete bad posts with a few clicks. Reset Users settings. Also re-count all your website data and regenerate all photos from original and more.
A- Full MySQL Backup: You can so easily export your entire database to your server for backup purposes.
B- Fixing Posts:

C- Fixing Users:

D- Fixing Comments:

E- Fixing Channels: Update Channels Posts Count: Reset the number of posts into each channel to the original number.
F- Fixing Watermark: If changed watermark logo or settings, then running this script will rebuild and reprint your watermark on all your post.

That was a brief description about the new version update. Full update or installation instructions about available within the script files. We are now updating our demo for the main script and mobile module update, then the download links will appear in clients area in a few hours.
There are more updates coming very soon for the other modules especially Private Messages and Galleries. We’ll post all the details about these updates very soon.
Thanks very much for your time and trust. Your co-operation is highly appreciated.
PHPism Team
Mostafa Shoman – CEO & Founder.

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