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Galleries & Private Messages v29 are released

Dear Clients;
We would like to thank all our loyal customers for their ideas and suggestions. We have just updated the last 2 addons (Galleries – Private Messages) v29. There wasn’t any compatibility issues with the previous version, but we added some new features.
New Features & Upgrades to Private Messages:
1- We have received several complaints about the module theme and style. Many users complained that the theme is very old and require some upgrades. We have updated the theme to more stylish.

New Features & Upgrades to Galleries:
A. Desktop Version:
1- HOT Live Preview for uploaded photos: In the previous version, only the local file name appeared while uploading a new gallery. Now you can see a preview of the photo from your local drive even before the upload is done.
2- Photos titles are textarea instead of input to allow more control.
3- HOT Photos Description: Now you can add a description (blog) to each photo in addition to title.
4- HOT Galleries Internal Comments
5- HOT Administrator Panel – 3 Gallery View Modes: From Administrator Panel you can choose between 3 modes to show your gallery in single gallery page. Single Photo full size + pagination and thumbnails under it, all photos full size in a vertical order or single photo full size + pagination but no thumbnails.
6- Administrator Panel – Edit Gallery Posts: Now you can control the gallery posts (photos) information (title, description) from Administrator Panel in addition to the previous controls.

B. Mobile Version:
1- BETA Introducing New Gallery upload. It’s still being tested but it works for several browsers until now. It has the same functions of the desktop version (Live Preview – Titles – Description .. etc).
2- Internal Comments.
3- New styling upgrades.

Important Note:
1- Current clients who purchased the script after March 27th 2015 (The v21 release date) and didn’t get the chance to download any updates because we didn’t release any updates for the last 8 months (We offer 4 months of free updates only). You can contact support team here: and mention your clients area username, invoice ID and license ID and you’ll get 72 hours extension so that you can get the new updates. We believe it will be unfair for them to pay for 1-Year updates to get the new version. If they want to get access to the updates again, then 1-Years update fees will be applied.

2- Galleries – Private Messages Modules demos aren’t updated yet. There’s no information or screenshots added yet in our website. Only this notification to inform you that the download is available in clients area.

In case you found any bugs or have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us using either email: or from our support portal here:

Wish all of you the best in life and the best of luck with your websites.
Have a nice day.
Best Regards
PHPism Team.

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