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Google+ Autoposting – Credits to Epicroft

Dear Customers;
Now you can add Google+ Autoposting to your script. It uses 3rd Party service.
These are full instructions about how to do it.
How To Configure Your Google+ Page Into HootSuite (Credits to Epicroft)
1) Log in to your HootSuite Dashboard
2) Log in to the correct Google account. In case you have multiple accounts, you will understand this, make sure are connected to the account where you have your Google+
3) On the left panel, click on your profile pic, which will take you to your HootSuite account profile
HootSuite Dashboard – Click on your profile photo on the left side panel
4) Once you are on your profile, scroll down until you see the section called “My Social Networks”. As you can see, the first row says “Add a Social Network, click on it.
5) That will open a little popup showing you the different option, you should now see Google+, click on it and then click on the “Connect with Google+” button on the right
6) This will open a new popup from Google to connect your accounts, you need to click on “Allow Access”
7) HootSuite will automatically detect your Google+ Page, or Pages in case you handle more than one. Click on the desired page and then “Finished Importing”
Notice that there is an extra option in this step. The checkbox at the bottom of the popup asking if you want HootSuite to automatically create the new tabs for you, make sure you check this box, it will save you the work of creating the tabs yourself
8) Once the popup closes, check back on your social networks, you should see your Google+ Page already added to the menu
9) Close your HootSuite profile and go back to your dashboard, you will now see two things: The icon on top to select the network where you are posting and the Tab, already created for you
10) Let’s test the connection, craft a message and post it to your Page
11) Head over to Google+ and make sure your message has been posted, it should look a little like this. If you notice, your post says “HootSuite” under the name of your page to indicate the tool you are using

I hope this will be helpful for you. These instructions are available within script installation documentations.
Best Regards
PHPism Team

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