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New Update – Version 6 Beta 2 Is Alive

Dear Customers;
We are happy to announce the new update to v6. Currently our demo here : is viewing our latest version of Best 9Gag Clone Script v6b2. The new version have new tweaks to the administrator panel, and the new features of Google+ Signin & Moderators Panel.
Leaks: The final release is waiting for 2 very important feature and update. The new feature will be multi-themes supports. That feature will allow you, as web master to have multi-themes installed and choose which to be viewed from administrator panel or enabling multi-themes and allow your users to select whatever they like better. The script will be pre-loaded with 2 default themes : Light (Currently on the demo) and Dark versions. Themes will be released separately later. The other update will be to languages features. We are now re-building the entire language structure to make it easier to user and developer to find the phrase they intend to translate or change besides – of course – lowering the server load and memory usage and give better flexibility with addons.
You can find demo check details here :
We would like to send huge thanks to our customer “Piotr Kostecki” for his contribution is showing the bugs in v6b1. His report helped us to improve the version fast. Feel free to send us any suggestions or bug reporting to :
Wait for new updates. Thanks for your co-operation.
Best Regards
PHPism Team.

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