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2015 XMAS sales in Best 9Gag Clone Script v11

Our dear customers;
We would like to thank you for your kind reviews suggestions that produced the great success of the Best9GagCloneScript v11 which we are considering it to be our master piece now.
Merry Christmas to everybody. We hope you are spending the best times with your relatives and loved one.
Actually we have many occasions to celebrate with you. The first one is the new year. We hope everybody are having fun with their holidays
The second thing is my marriage. Yip, I did it and I got married. ^_^
In order to celebrate with you all these occasions, we have decided to give you the best new year presents and help you make the best investment with your holidays money.
We are giving 50% discount on EVERYTHING. Yes again, you heard it right. On EVERYTHING. The main script or any module. You can now buy the script for 49$ only!!
This may be a long email to some users, so we’ll start with our offers:

Best Regards
PHPism Team

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