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New Generation of Best 9Gag Clone Script v20

Our dear customers;
We would like to thank all our loyal customers for their ideas and suggestions. For the last a few months we have being selling our diamond release v11 which proved that our script is very far ahead from all our competitors. v11 sales boasted 2014 last 6 months sales to become almost as much as our entire sales volume form our start in 2012 🙂
And now, we come back with anther super diamond release. It’s a new generation that is going to eat up all the competition for the next few months again.

In order not to waste your time with more talk, we’ll proceed with new features and changes in the new version.
A- Improvements for current features in v11:
1- Language and Theme selection has been enhanced against wrong configuration and out-of-date user settings.
2- Improving the style and performance of Internal Comments System.
3- Improving the Advertisements System for NSFW settings and codes.
4- Improving features to match the system configuration.

B- New Features.
1- Full support: Now you can authorization for user signup/login process. You can also use like buttons in comments in Single Post page. That feature was being ordered as a private customization for 25$. Now it’s available for free.
2- Facebook Fan Page Autopost: That feature was available using 3rd Party service which wasn’t suitable for popular websites with high traffic and received some complaints. The new feature allow you to connect your website with your Facebook fan page directly using access token without the dependance on any 3rd party service.
3- Auto Installer: We have implemented a complete auto installer for faster and easier installation experience. Now need for file editing now. Just run the installation script, provide your MySQL Database connection data and that’s it.
4- Unlimited Page: In addition to the current Static Pages module which is already in the script. We have added a new module that allow you to add unlimited extra pages that keeps the same website layout and colors directly from Administrator Panel without the need to edit any files or re-upload anything. That feature was being ordered as a private customization for 25$. Now it’s available for free.
5- Tag Cloud: Now you can have a very professional tag cloud for your website.
6- Captcha Verifications: In addition to the current GD library captcha system that was used in the script for almost 3 years now, we have added 2 more ways for Captcha verification. Now you can use Google Re-Captcha or Are you A Human Captcha services. Now files modification is needed. Just get your API keys from the service provider and add them in your Administrator Panel.
7- Importing Avatars From Social Networks: Now after the user is signup or logged in using any of the supported social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or vK) the script will automatically import the user profile photo from that social network and add it his account.
8- Converting GIFs to MP4: We have noticed that feature in many websites and it actually saves a lot of bandwidth and extremely boasts website loading speed and performance, that feature is now available with script. It depends on 3rd party service because it require ffmpeg to be installed and normally most of shared hosting doesn’t have it.

These are few notes regarding the new version. The version is available for download now from clients area and it’s applied to our demo. In case you found any bugs or have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us using either email: or from our support portal here:

Wish all of you the best in life and the best of luck with your websites.
Have a nice day.
Best Regards
PHPism Team.

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