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Best 9Gag Clone Script v4.1 – Ultimate Package.

Hello again; 🙂
At the begining we would like to send our appreciation to all our current customers. You have helped us a lot with your suggestions and bugs reporting. We owe you a lot. <3
After the great success in our last version 3.5.1 which almost had no bugs and that was the reason we didn’t release any updates in the last 2 months. However, they have been a very busy 2 months. We have made 50 private customization and 15 exclusive-license theme and 1 normal-license theme.
Since our competitors still chasing us and taking all our new ideas, we still at the head of the race 🙂 . We actually don’t feel bad about it, we really feel appreciated that our work in too good so they steal it 🙂

1- Better SEO functionality to completely illuminate all special characters that are harmful for search engine optimization
2- GIF detection system : Since we currently don’t have GIF watermarking system. If you enabled (Hide watermark) in administrator panel, a part from the GIF image is being hidden. We added this detection system to fix this issue.

This makes the list of features that we ONLY presents in Best 9Gag Clone Script (B9GCS)
1- Automatic posting to Facebook fan page and Twitter account.
2- The most efficient watermarking system, that works exactly like with the ability to enable/disable whole system or partial function or keep it working but hidding it like
3- User-widget to allow logged in members to access their Messages, Likes and Posts easily
4- Search Engine Optimization : don’t only depend on Facebook to get visitors, increase your traffic using google.
Best 9Gag Clone Script has an effiencet SEO system, the only one that supports all language characters.
Examples :é-assim.htmlمفيش-حد-احسن-من-حد.html

5- RSS system to reach all your members/visitors easily
6- The ability to enable vote page for non-registered members (but they can’t vote)
7- The ability to turn on/off trending page : Some webmasters want the gags to be moved from vote to hot section directly
This option allow them to do that. And if they disabled this feature, the system will calculate the likes and re-arrange gags between treding and hot sections again.
8- Generation of SiteMap
9- News letter option to contact all your website members
10- The ability to enable/disable video upload
11- uploading video gags from 4 Networks : – – –
12- Enable/disable Fix option
13- Google Anaytics
14- Controlling from Administrator Panel the redirection page after new registration or logging in (SETTINGS / INDEX)
15- Controlling from Administrator Panel which page will be used as index (HOT/TRENDING/VOTE)
16- Replacing from Administrator Panel /gag/ in posts URL very easily.
17- The easiest control of social sharing buttons in HOT/TRENDING/VOTE pages. Now you can choose between Twitter/Facebook Share/Facebook Like buttons , also you can change the order of them so easily from control panel.
18- SMART REDIRECTION : If there’s a new visitor and was browsing the website and decided to register/login after the registration or logging in process the script will automatically redirect him to the last viewed page.
19- NSFW ADS : In order to prevent problems with Adsense if you are using content that may violate their policy in NSFW posts this feature allow you to use special NSFW ADS for users who has disabled NSFW protection.
20- You can now change BEST 9GAG CLONE SCRIPT texts all over the script from Administrator panel without the need of modifying any files.
21- Channels drop down menu in header bar.
22- Loading fast posts in order and not randomly.
23- HOT LINKING protection to save your bandwidth.
24- The ability to change watermark background and text colors directly from Administrator panel without modifying any files.
25- GIF detector.

You can now have Best 9Gag Clone Script by ordering it from clients area :
We’ll be more than happy to receive your suggestions and ideas on our support mail :
Best Regards
Best 9Gag Clone Script Team

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