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Best 9Gag Clone Script v5 is released.

Our dear customers;
We are happy to announce the release of the latest version of Best 9Gag Clone Script v5.
Best 9Gag Clone Script was our first product. And in the past 18 months, we have been gaining a lot of experience in this field. We have faced a lot of challenges – especially in customizations and theme modifications – and we are so proud that 99% of our customers are satisfied. And in order to keep our reputation the same, we wanted to give our customers the best. We re-read all our received mails since Feb. 2012 and made a full list of questions and requests that were always asked. We took notes about the difficulties that faced us and faced our customers while making customizations and the development process. We came to conclusion that the script code until v4.x is old and won’t come up to our expectations for the future. So we did it and REWROTE the entire script again. I confirm, the entire script (PHP – Templates) has been re-written from scratch. While rewriting the script, we took into consideration:
A. Minimizing the server load as much as possible.
B. Avoiding customizations and development difficulties.
C. Introducing a powerful and easy-to-be-managed script, even for a 1-week web-experienced person.

The fundamental changes are:-
1- Fixing bugs with RSS/Site Map/Newsletter/Facebook Share and updating the entire social connect structure to the latest Facebook and Twitter applications updates.
2- The entire script has been completely re-written and optimized for less server load and easier development process.
3- Full brand new Administrator Panel. The new Administrator panel is well-arranged and optimized with new look that makes administrating the script much easier.
4- Updating the script templates to match the new theme from
5- Notifications System (Hot)

The new version was uploaded to our demo 1 week ago and we have been testing it all along. We fixed some bugs in the administrator panel and in the script functions. The script has been released and it’s available for download in our clients area. We would like to confirm that the entire script (PHP – Templates) was rewritten, which means that old templates – customizations won’t work on the new version. Updating process is explained within script updating instructions. We are currently working on creating new updating system like vBulletin that allows easy, fast and safe updating process.
You can see our demo here:
Front End :
Admin panel :
Username : Admin
Password : Admin

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