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DOWNLOAD Best 9Gag Clone Script v3.4.0 is released

Our dear customers;

After reading more than 600 emails that contains bugs reports and new features requests and suggestions, and more than 2 weeks of coding, we are happy to announce the release of 2 versions .

A. Version 3.3.2-STABLE : That version contains fixes too all known bugs in version 3.3.1.

List of fixes done in version 3.3.2-STABLE:

1- Watermark clearance for video posts.

2- password quotations to avoid copying hidden characters with the password in emails.

3- Fixing minor problems in Facebook share/like features.

4- Fixing channels pagination – Style – and showing only the highest channels in right menu.

5- Fixing pagination in thumbs view.

6- Fixing compatibility issues with PHP versions other than PHP 5.2

7- Fixing contact form.

8- Fixing problems with special characters in channels name.

9- Fixing sharing buttons CSS values in post page.

10- Fixing NSFW redirection.

11- Fixing error message in Advertising section in Administrator Panel.

12- Fixing minor bugs with RSS/SITEMAP features.

13- Fixing special characters problems in Fast page.

14- Fixing the problems with J/K/L buttons in post page.

15- Fixing problems with truncate post titles features.

16- Fixing problems with G+1 buttons.

17- We also added pagination to user LIKES/POSTS page in user page to reduce server load.

All these fixes we made and saved in version 3.3.2-STABLE so that we avoid any problems with the next versions. That version is available in clients area a few days ago and current customers have been notified via email about that.

B. Version 3.4.0 : The version that everyone was waiting. 🙂

We take user suggestions very seriously, and for 10 months of working on BEST 9GAG CLONE SCRIPT we noticed the usual requests of our customers and we added them to newer versions. We’ll save your time and won’t talk much, but we’ll directly list the new features in v3.4.0

List of new features in v3.4.0 :

1- Controlling from Administrator Panel the redirection page after new registration or logging in (SETTINGS / INDEX)

2- Controlling from Administrator Panel which page will be used as index (HOT/TRENDING/VOTE)

3- Replacing from Administrator Panel /gag/ in posts URL very easily.

4- Points system.

5- Infinite sessions (Also known as remember me function)

6- The easiest control of social sharing buttons in HOT/TRENDING/VOTE pages. Now you can choose between Twitter/Facebook Share/Facebook Like buttons , also you can change the order of them so easily from control panel.

7- SMART REDIRECTION : If there’s a new visitor and was browsing the website and decided to register/login after the registration or logging in process the script will automatically redirect him to the last viewed page.

8- NSFW ADS : In order to prevent problems with Adsense if you are using content that may violate their policy in NSFW posts this feature allow you to use special NSFW ADS for users who has disabled NSFW protection.

9- You can now change BEST 9GAG CLONE SCRIPT texts all over the script from Administrator panel without the need of modifying any files.

10- Channels drop down menu in header bar.

11- Loading fast posts in order and not randomly.

12- Positive and negative voting in HOT page just like

13- HOT LINKING protection to save your bandwidth.

14- The ability to change watermark background and text colors directly from Administrator panel without modifying any files.

And more.

Both versions 3.3.2-STABLE and 3.4.0 are available for download in clients area. Channels features are going to be added to Twitter package soon. Also there are updates coming to the mobile module in the next a few days.

We take your suggestions very seriously. We’ll be looking forward hearing from you at our emails : or

Best Regards

Best 9Gag Clone Script Team.

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