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Mobile Module is now available – Ultimate Version 3.3.1 is released

At the beginning, as usual we’d like to thank all our customers and beta testers who contributed in discovering bugs and suggesting new features.

A. We wrote this blog to officially announce the birth of our Mobile Module. We created the Mobile Module 2 weeks ago and during this period we’ve been testing it and listening to our beta testers suggestions and improving the performance to introduce a better Mobile Module to our customers.

Features of Our Mobile Module :-

1- Flexible design to fit most of mobile phone browsers.

2- The ability to Like/Dislike posts

3- The ability to Facebook Like posts from mobile phone

4- The ability to Facebook comment posts from mobile phone

5- The ability to use multi-touch or zoom into images

You can view our mobile website by going to : from your mobile phone. Or directly from any device to this URL :

We’ll be more than happy to listen to your suggestions about Mobile Module, if you have any new ideas, just send them to our support team :

As a celebration of the Mobile Module, we offering it for only 35$ .. This offer lasts for 7 days only. Then the price of the Mobile Module will be 40$ .. Free installation applies 🙂

B. Yesterday we discovered a bug with our channel system. This bug has been fixed and we released version 3.3.1 .. Upgrading from version 3.3.0 to 3.3.1 is very easy. Just a simple upload/overwrite process. We also minimized number of encoded files in version 3.3.1 .. All administrator panel files are now source free. Only the Core of the system is encoded but we created additional functions system to allow customers to easily customize their script. Also our support team is going to provide customers of the source code of any function if the customer need it. In other word, we managed to create secure customizable system.

Current customers can download updates from Clients area. We are happy to answer all your questions 24/7/365 through our official emails :-

For sales inquires :
For Support and Script installation :

Best Regards

B9GCS Team

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