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As we’ve told you in our blog earlier that we’ve made version 2.1.1 and we didn’t release it until we finish some security and we reviewed most of your old emails.

Then we decided to create a better watermark system and then all the great ideas just came to our mind. so, we’ve create  v2.2

1- 100% watermark system like which you have the ability to change the text properties (Font/Font size/ The text itself)  and logo watermark

You can enable and disable these features from Admin panel

2- The ability to show the watermark to visitors or hide it hides watermark, but if you saved the image on your computer, you’ll find the watermark.

You can enable and disable these features from Admin panel

3- We’ve solved some problems with special characters in some languages like Hungarian and Czech .. Etc

4- We added the feature to enable/disabled twitter connect from Administrator panel.

5- We added the feature to enable/disabled thumbs mode from Administrator panel.

6- We added the feature to enable/disabled safe mode from Administrator panel.

We would like that you have a better experience with the script and easier control on your website.

These features are new features in addition to the features in version 2.1.1 which was announced 2 days ago.

– We’ve added the option to enable/disable auto-scrolling : for some browsers , especially on old computers, auto-scrolling may exhaust a lot of user computer resources which may cause the browser to crash or computer become slow.

Enabling/disabling auto-scrolling will be a great feature to a lot of customers

– We also added Facebook Admin, let you easily administrating Facebook comments on your website

– Twitter sign in/up configuration from admin panel : instead of editing config file

We also would like to announce that we’ve stopped selling both Main and RTL packages.

If you are a current customer and want to upgrade your package to ultimate

From Twitter to Ultimate package : 30 $

From RTL to Ultimate package : 30 $

From Main to Ultimate Package : 60$

* Also watch out our New Versions page to learn about coming features

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