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Mobile Module v3 Is now released.

Our dear customers;
We are happy to announce the release of the new mobile module.
Since the current version of Best 9Gag Clone Script has a complete new PHP structure, the new mobile module had to be updated. As we did with B9GCS v5, we re-wrote the entire mobile module and all other addons. The version has a new theme identical to and has all features in mobile site.
1- We added ajax-reload to enable adding new content to the site while scrolling without the need of pagination.
2- We updated the voting system in the mobile site.
3- We answered the request of having a switch to Desktop View in mobile devices to fix the issues for iPad users who want to see the desktop site and not be forced to view the mobile site.
And more…
You can check the demo here :
We hope you’ll enjoy it.
Best Regards

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