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Ultimate Version 3

We are extremely happy to announce the birth of the 3rd generation of Best 9Gag Clone Script.

List of new features :

1- Adding more video-gags networks.

Now users can add videos from and and or

2- New header to match the new updates in

3- Top 5 Gags: This feature allows the webmaster to choice to display the hottest 5 gags in either a day or a week or a month. Configuring this feature is very easy from Administration Panel.

4- RSS.

Now you can gain more traffic using RSS, users can subscribe to your websiteĀ  via RSS and they don’t need to visit your website to reach your content, your content will go directly to them. šŸ™‚

5- Better autoscrolling.

6- The ability to enable/disable video uploads from Administration Panel

7- The ability to enable/disable fixing gags from Administration Panel.

8- Hot The ability to enable/disable trending page: Now your gags can move directly from vote page to hot page without using trending page at all.

9- SEO Search Engines Friendly URLs.

ThisĀ  helps you gain a lot of traffic and reach more visitors using web search engines.

10- Hot GIF support

11- Enabling vote page to visitors without giving them the ability to vote, if they won’t to vote they have to register\log in.

There more features coming in version 3.1 in the next few weeks. and updating process won’t be complicated from version 3.0.0 to version 3.1.0

Thanks very much for our beta users who have tested the script many times in the last 48 hours. You have helped us very much.

Version 3 is now available for the ultimate package only, and will be available to other packages soon.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us from contact us page.

Best Regards

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