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Ultimate Version 3.2.0 – Mobile Module is coming soon


Once again – and hope won’t be the last time – WE ARE AT THE TOP 😀

At the beginning, we love to thank all our customers and beta testers and all who contributed in our script by suggesting new features. You are putting us on the top.

Last week we released version 3.1.0 beta for our customers and was available for download in downloads section. while testing it, we received a list of recommendations and new features requests from some of our customers so we fixed bugs in version 3.1.0 and added new features to version 3.2.0

1- We fixed problems with twitter login and made it with only one step exactly like Facebook registration.

2- Fixed problems with RSS feeds and added images to it.

3- Fixed problems with SEO options and added support to special characters and languages other than English.

Examples :-ãe-é-assim.htmlمفيش-حد-احسن-من-حد.html

4- Website Sitemap new features.

5- The ability to enable/disable SEO options from Administration panel.

6- The ability to enable/disable titles truncate from Administration panel.

Some users (non-English language users) reported problems with truncating titles, the titles look ugly and there’s no UTF support in it. So, we enabled the feature to disable truncating titles from administration panel to help them overcome this problem.

7- HOT Auto Facebook and Twitter posting : The feature that everyone has been waiting for. Now after your member upload new gags, you don’t have to go and post it manually to your website Facebook Fan page or twitter account, Your Best 9Gag Clone Script will do this for your automatically 😀

Yeah, upload new gag to our demo here : and then check it out after 30 minutes in the fan page : and twitter account here :!/9GagCloneScript

The process is fully automated. No human actions is needed and it can be controlled easily 🙂

8- The ability to control recommended section position : Now you can choose between disabling recommended gags / enabling it under gag / enabling it in right column. And all this is done from Administration panel via a couple of clicks without any need to change anything in the code.

9- We have also enhanced thumbs view, and fixed some minor bugs in it.

10- Fixing a minor bug with enabling vote section for non-registered members.

And there are more great features and enhancements in the script, You will like it very much.

Again, we really appreciate our customers for their support and suggestions. You put us on the top. We’ve received many emails from our customers when they saw our work stolen in other scripts, but we said “No problem, this means that we are the best and let others continue chasing us like dogs. And we’ll come with more features soon” and here we come as we promised 🙂

And we want to let you know that there are more features coming soon, and the new updates will be beyond your dreams and the best part is that they will be for free 🙂

Also we are happy to announce that we’ll release our mobile module in 10 days which will be very easy to integrate and won’t be expensive. we promise to always bring to you the best in the market with reasonable price.

You can now download new version from Clients Area :


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