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At the beginning, as usual I’d like to thank all our customers and beta testers who contributed in discovering bugs and suggesting new features.

Since we have been busy with improving the ultimate package, we didn’t update the other packages until the new features stabilize in the ultimate package. And here we are now announcing the new update of Main Package – Twitter Package – Ultimate Package to version 3.3.0

Main new features :

A- For Main Package, Twitter Package :-

We’ve added new features that were already presented in Ultimate Package such as :

1- Top 5 Gags

2- GIF Support

3- The ability to enable/disable titles text truncate from administration panel

4- Controlling Recommended widget in VIEW gags page (Non – Under post – At the right column) From administrator panel

5- Google Analytics

6- We’ve also fixed bugs in auto-scrolling, Added the feature to switch between pagination and auto-scrolling from Administrator panel

And many bugs fixes, and more.

7- ONLY FOR TWITTER We also improved the twitter signup process to work with only one step exactly like the Facebook Signup process.

8- NEW Added recommended section in index, trending, vote pages like


B- As for Ultimate Package:

1- As many customers has suggested, we now allow easy watermark styling from Administration panel, You can control the font and the font size from Administration Panel

2- Added recommended section in index, trending, vote pages like

3- A few weeks ago, a new feature was presented in, it was called Categories or Channels. Yes they removed it, but some of our customers suggested this feature in the script, so we added it and hope you like it.

– You can add/delete/edit channels names from Administration Panel

– Channel is being optionally added to post while submit process.

– Users can browse posts that are related to a certain channel. For example, if you created a channel called “videos” then when a user browse this channel, he/she will see all posts that are related to “videos” channel which should be all videos (Youtube – Vimeo – funnyordie – videofy) .. and so on.

This feature is working fine, however we plan to improve the appearance of it in the next versions.

4- Vote system was improved to be 100% copy of when a user click on love button, then the number of likes will increase by 1, if he/she click on unlove, the number of likes will decrease by 1 . The system wasn’t working exactly like this before, but we love to improve.

Very important notes about this update:

1- We changed the licensing system of our script, now the script won’t work on any webserver (Even localhost, unless we provide you with license key) unless it’s provided with valid license. Customers MUST keep their license information updated in clients area. Also please contact in order to get your License Key

Please note, License key is generate for first 2 domain for free, if you changed the domain more than 1 time, new license key will cost 25$

If you have any problems, please contact us : and we’ll be more than glad to assist you.

Best Regards

Best 9Gag Clone Script Team

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