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What’s different in Best 9Gag Clone Script

Features that only presents in Best 9Gag Clone Script :

1- Gain more members by allowing members to register via their Twitter account besides Facebook and emails
2- Automatic posting to Facebook fan page and Twitter account.

Example: upload new gag to our demo here : and then check it out after 30 minutes in the fan page : and twitter account here :!/9GagCloneScript

3- The most efficient watermarking system, that works exactly like with the ability to enable/disable whole system or partial function or keep it working but hiding it like

Example :

4- New modified theme with user-widget to allow logged in members to access their Messages, Likes and Posts easily
5- Better Facebook Integration
6- Search Engine Optimization : don’t only depend on Facebook to get visitors, increase your traffic using Google.
Best 9Gag Clone Script has an efficient SEO system, the only one that supports all language characters.
Examples :ãe-é-assim.htmlمفيش-حد-احسن-من-حد.html
7- RSS system to reach all your members/visitors easily
8- The ability to enable vote page for non-registered members (but they can’t vote)
9- The ability to turn on/off trending page : Some webmasters want the gags to be moved from vote to hot section directly
This option allow them to do that. And if they disabled this feature, the system will calculate the likes and re-arrange gags between treding and hot sections again.
10- Generation of Site-Map
11- News letter option to contact all your website members
12- The ability to enable/disable video upload
13- uploading video gags from 4 Networks : – – –
14- Enable/disable Fix option
15- Google Anaytics
16- We were the first to introduce “Thumbs view” , and “Top Users” options in April 2012 and these features was blatantly stolen from us.

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